Expected Outcomes

The OLEUM consortium is a diverse team of experts in laboratory-based problem solving, exploitation of state-of-the-art legislation and technology, industrial validation and up-scaling, and communication and knowledge exchange. 20 partners covering 13 countries have joined forces to provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to achieve the following:

  • At least eight new in-house validated methods to control olive oil quality and to detect fraud.
  • At least four revised and in-house validated methods  to control olive oil quality and to detect fraud.
  • At least four validated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and two Quality Control Materials to deal with the main challenges of olive oil authentication:
  1. method for the assessment of the organoleptic characteristics (Quantitative Panel Test) including two reference materials;
  2. method to detect blends of extra virgin olive oils with soft deodorized olive oil;
  3. method to detect illegal blends of olive oils with other vegetable oils;
  4. method to be selected during the OLEUM project development.
  • Identify additional methods and markers for the olive oil quality control and to detect fraud.
  • Develop an OLEUM Databank of analytical information that will improve the implementation and the harmonization of methods of analysis.
  • Establish an OLEUM Network for technology transfer of new methods and procedures and to foster laboratory proficiency and harmonization on a global scale.
Aims and objectives

Aims and Objectives

The overall objective of OLEUM is to better guarantee olive oil quality and authenticity by empowering detection and fostering prevention of olive oil fraud. This overall objective is supported by three strategic objectives:

  • To develop new and/or improved analytical methods for assuring the quality and authenticity of olive oil.
  • To develop the OLEUM databank - an online integrated quality assurance database of olive oil analytical methods and data related to chemical and organoleptic characteristics.
  • To develop and support a worldwide community of proficient analytical laboratories involved in the analysis of olive oil, therefore establishing a wide OLEUM Network.

The OLEUM partners have identified four main gaps in the current knowledge that the project will address: legislation and regulation, analysis, harmonisation and coordination, consumer and market confidence. 


Technical details:

Project Duration: Starting Date: Grant Agreement No:
4 years September 1st, 2016 635690




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